Love Bedgebury Mosaic

precise wall smaller 4Our mosaic wall in the Visitor Centre atrium offers you a unique chance to support Bedgebury and its amazing work whilst giving you a lasting opportunity to record your personal message.

The mosaic wall features an exquisite botanic art design that will grow over time from the individual oak and ash blocks that we will add from your donations to create a beautiful and inspiring mosaic of personal dedications.

The Friends will use your support to enable the Forestry Commission to deliver a range of exciting new projects for the site.

A standard mosaic block (70mm x 70mm) is the perfect size for a dedication and would make a wonderful gift. Or just make a donation for yourself and share your love for Bedgebury! Minimum donation - £120

A large mosaic block (140mm x 140mm) is ideal for a longer or larger dedication or to show your business’s support for Bedgebury. Minimum donation - £480

Are you a Friend of Bedgebury?

Enjoy a special Friends' offer if you support Bedgebury whilst renewing your membership for an additional 12 months, or when joining as a member for the first time (for £72 per annum):

Standard mosaic block, minimum donation - £100
Large mosaic block, minimum donation - £400

If you would like to go ahead and make a donation and add your dedication to a mosaic block, please select your membership option (with membership or without) and the block reference of your choice before clicking “Proceed”.

If you wish to reserve a block, clicking the “Reserve” button below will supply you with a unique code and prevent your block from being given to another donor for 48 hours. To proceed with your reserved transaction, please enter your reservation code where indicated, click “Retrieve” and follow the instructions on screen.

For full terms and conditions please click here.

Please note:
The minimum sum of £ is made up of a voluntary donation for the sponsorship and a payment for related benefits.

Minimum Sponsorship Donation: £
Two Year Membership: £144
Other Benefits: £30 (not qualifying for Gift Aid)


* This is the minimum donation required. You may donate more.



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